Yoga & YOU


As a fellow student 8 years ago, Simone inspired me to practise Ashtanga.
As a teacher Simone has led me to study the real yoga - her inspiring teaching has lead me to the path of yoga 
studying and teaching.
Simone is a true guru, a great teacher , an inspirational ashtangi.
Go to Simone's classes - she WILL change your life

Adam Jones

I am 55 years young and have been attending yoga classes for over a year.  When I first came to Jenni I had a problem with my left knee swelling each time I went for a walk and my knees were stiff. Jenni patiently taught me the yoga posses, mindful of the fact that it may cause extra strain on my knee. I am happy to say my left knee no longer swells and my knees are no longer stiff.

Jenni adapts her classes to suit all her pupils, while taking into account each individual's level of fitness and any health challenges they may have. She explains each pose and the reasoning behind each pose. Her way of teaching is easy to understand and she tries different ways of explaining.  I always feel better after her classes. I highly recommend Jenni to both the novice and the experienced.  



I wanted to express my appreciation for the opportunity you have given me to practice yoga with you.

This was one of my goals for 2012 and by chance the door was opened to experience your teaching and dedication shown.

My whole well-being has strengthened and this has been brought to my attention by people commenting on "how well I looked."  I feel I have gained amazing body strength in such as I walk tall and smile.  Practising yoga has been an outward experience for me in the past, but I have come to realise the benefits of the breathing and relaxation as a method of calming the inner sole.  I hold this every wednesday night after your class.  I am so ever grateful that I met you this year, it has been one of the best opportunities that I have experienced and I like to pass this on to my friends.


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