Yoga & YOU.

Connect with your body -

                      transform your life


Our teachings are based on traditional methods passed down through centuries. Methods that bring relief to the body (e.g. relief from back, neck and shoulder pain, improving muscle strength and flexibility, improving bone density, improving organ function), relief to the mind (e.g. stress reduction, better focus, clarity , a calm mind) and connection to our spirit or higher Self.

At Yoga & You we teach a flowing form of yoga, whether ashtanga or modified ashtanga, with focus on posture alignment, working with the breath, and relaxation so that you connect with your body at the deepest level allowing organic transformation of your body, mind and soul.  Our classes are held on the Central Coast, NSW.

Our Aim is to introduce people to yoga allowing the experience of joy it can bring and to create a space for those already practising to grow and develop their practise.

If you have come across this flyer you can bring it along to class and get it signed for a free class.


"Yoga described by Patanjali is a systematic  method for making the transition from the distracted mind that rules our decisions to a steady peaceful mind that awaits our command"



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